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Journalists face limited work, psychological strains after jail

While imprisonment of journalists is well-researched, there is little research on what life is like for journalists after imprisonment, said Eric Freedman, Professor at the Michigan State University School of Journalism. In response, he interviewed 8 journalists who had been imprisoned from between two weeks to two years from countries […]

Journalists, photojournalists subject to continuing PTSD

Journalists around the world are subject to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and photographers are more likely to experience trauma than other reporters, said Gowri Ananthan, counselor at the Institute of Mental Health in Sri Lanka. “Journalists frequently bear witness to human suffering, whether covering mass disasters or individual atrocities,” Ananthan […]

Working at “Russia’s Deadliest Newspaper”: Abductions, Attacks and Threats

Journalists working at Russia’s “deadliest newspaper” are regularly subjected to abductions, attacks and threats from various actors, said Vera Slavtcheva-Petkova, senior lecturer in the Department of Media at the University of Chester. Slavtcheva-Petkova researched life for journalists at Novaya Gazeta, where six journalists have been murdered in the past two […]

Media rhetoric can undermine support for freedom of expression in Egypt

Rhetoric used by some Egyptian talkshows create an “us-vs-them” mentality between media outlets, according to Naglaa Elemary, Professor of Media Studies at the British University in Egypt. Her research focused on of Egypt’s more popular talkshows, which engages in dialogue that overtly creates an “in-group” dialogue with “honest citizens,” while […]

Traditional freedom of expression approaches fail to address Zimbabwean context

Traditional approaches to understanding freedom of expression can fail to account for contexts such as that in Zimbabwe, where professional journalists are less likely to embrace notions of journalists’ roles and rights, according to Zvenyika Eckson Mugari, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Midlands State University in […]

Why Chinese doctors can be hazardous for journalists’ health

Tensions between journalists and medical professionals present a new threat to journalists in China, said Kecheng Fang, PhD candidate at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. The tense relationship between journalists and medical professionals originates in a scarcity of funding in China’s healthcare system – Fang […]

Threats against minority-owned newspaper result in culture of fear in Indonesia

Violent threats against the Kompas daily newspaper by the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) resulted in self-censorship and a culture of fear at the paper, according to Wijayanto, PhD researcher at the Institute of Asian Studies at Leiden University. His research focused on threats against the daily newspaper Kompas by the […]

Where is the public outcry for attacks on freedom of expression?

With violence against journalists and censorship on the increase in South Africa, there needs to be more public mobilisation to support media, said Julie Reid, senior lecturer in the Department of Communication Science at the University of South Africa. “It’s become so commonplace, we’ve almost become desensitised to it,” she […]

Frank La Rue: Academic research crucial in defending media freedom

Quality academic research is crucial to journalism in today’s media environment, which has seen global increases in censorship and violence against journalists, alongside challenges of ‘fake news’ and a post-truth society, said Frank La Rue, Assistant Director-General of Communication and Information at UNESCO. The Assistant Director-General highlighted some of UNESCO’s […]